International English Interpreter Training Course

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Course Purpose:

SEL University (USEL), in cooperation with The Reformed Educational Association of the Alto Mayo (AERAM), is happy to announced the second International English Interpreter Training Course. This University Credit course will be held at the USEL campus in La Molina (Lima).

The ability to read and write English is of great value for professionals of all arenas in Peru. The particular skill of live oral interpretation is of strategic professional value and a specific need in the mission’s community. Those working in development, religious and social institutions that receive foreign counterparts will benefit by dominating these skills.

USEL and AERAM, both non-profit educational institutions, have entered into agreement with Boulevard Park Presbyterian Church of Seattle USA to sponsor this intensive English Interpreter Training course. Through this sponsorship we welcome 4 native English speaking Interpreter trainers from Seattle.

The Interpreter Training Course is a Christian based initiative. However, the efforts of USEL and this course are not limited to individuals of the Christian profession of faith. All individuals are welcome to apply.


This course provides more than 90 hours (5 University Credits) of intensive English interpreter training. Each day will be filled with 6 hours of intensive classroom work from experienced Interpreter Trainers. Up to 3 hours of class homework will be required each day. This course will improve students’ English skills by employing small group training (max 12 students per class) in an intensive English immersed environment over the 10 days.

Target Students:

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  • Peruvian college candidates, students and graduates who are fluent in English and Spanish and desire to use these skills in live oral interpretation.
  • Professionals from religious, development and social institutions who desire to serve society through English Interpretation.

* For university course credit students must have graduated from High School.
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  • January 26- February 5th 2015
    8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    From Monday through Friday for the two weeks



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  • January 26th : Course Level Placement Exam (Interpreter Level 1 or 2)
  • January 26 – February 6th: Classes

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  • Total inclusive cost: S/. 950

This includes course materials, on site lunches and credit certificates.
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Application/ Registration Process

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Application: Fill out the online application form.
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Interview: Pass an English oral skills interview via phone.
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Acceptance: Receive confirmation of passing the entrance exam.
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Payment: Reserve your spot by making payment of s/.950 to USEL.
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Coordinator: K.C. O’Keefe
Course Contact:

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